Our story


Our vision

We envision a world where no one is homeless, and where everyone has access to opportunities for economic and social upliftment. 

Why homelessness?

There are one billion people in the world without a home, a number that will double in the next 15 years. While we, as a humanity, are able to catch up with other global issues, the lack of adequate housing continues to be a problem to which we cannot find a solution. Housing is a human right and the first step of empowerment towards emerging out of poverty.

billionBricks was founded by a dedicated team of architects, designers, engineers and urban planners committed to solving the global housing problem in a way never done before. We looked at many homeless charities helping the homeless, providing shelter for homeless and said to ourselves, how can we build something new on all this good work. An idea was born.  

billionBricks is a one-of-a-kind non-profit that used design and technology as its tools to innovate shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable. Our solutions are innovative, scalable and sustainable, creating opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty. Our approach empowers communities to replicate our solutions on their own. This reduces dependencies on our support, creates ownership and pride, and unlocks untapped potential for change.      




Research & Advocacy

Our projects are conceptualized by our strategic team that identifies gaps and needs in the areas aligned with our skill set and where we can make a significant impact.

Design & Innovation

Our design and technology team innovates and designs high-quality shelter and infrastructure solutions to the identified problems, and prototypes and tests them to assure their applicability.

Impact & Scale

Led by a marketing and sales team, the solutions are made accessible to vulnerable communities globally by being driven into the market for scale and expansion with a clear exit strategy.


The team


In over 10 years of working in commercial design practices across the world, Prasoon designed over 10,000 homes. Each of those homes was for people who already had a home, never for those who needed one the most. After attending a conference on affordable housing with no conversation on design and sustainability, Prasoon decided to take action. In 2013, together with his previous employer, Anurag, he founded billionBricks, a design and innovation studio with the sole purpose of providing high-quality solutions to end homelessness.


Ian Duncan

Web Design

Abhishek Majumdar

Strategy and Growth Partner

Sulakshana Swaminthan

Director of Partnerships


Mukul Dixit

Director of Global Partnerships

Madhura Joshi

Architectural Design Associate

Robert Verrijt 

Chief Design

Shikha Gupta



Amanda Lim

Partnerships Manager

Pranav Sinha

Market Development Manager

Sharad Malhautra

Business Strategy Partner


Gunjan Lath



Advisory board


Snehal Mantri

Founding Trustee and Director of Marketing, Mantri Developers

Amit Sinha

Managing Director, DBS Bank


Abhinav Jhunjhunwala

CEO, AJ Capital


Nalin Agarwal

Solar Technology Advisor


David Gensler

Former CEO, Gensler

Hari V. Krishnan

CEO, Property Guru

Kristy Castleton

Founder and CEO, Rebel and Soul


Rahul Mehrotra

Chair of the Department of Urban Planning,
Harvard University


Join us


If you are committed, creative and aligned with our values, join our passionate team to create global impact. Send your application with CV or LinkedIn profile, letter of motivation and portfolio (if applicable) to hello@billionbricks.org



We are always open to receiving applications from exceptional individuals who demonstrate genuine motivation towards our mission.

Write to hello@billionbricks.org


Roanna Medina (the Philippines)

"billionBricks puts heart and people above all things. As a team member, my individuality and strengths were valued, leveraged and appropriately challenged to make for a fulfilling work and maturing experience."


We love the energy interns bring and are happy to make them an integral part of our team. International interns are encouraged to fundraise as part of their experience.

Write to hello@billionbricks.org


Jameson Sansone (United States)

"I wanted to help provide as many people as possible with a permanent place they could call home, or at least help them get back on their feet during an arduous period of their life."



Have some time to spare, and skills to share? Volunteers help us work toward our mission. We are currently looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

Write to hello@billionbricks.org


Elly Yao (United States)

"Many times we feel our power is small, but only when you start caring and acting from your heart - a change can be made, one brick at a time."




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