Last month, Billion Bricks turned 6. Yes, believe it or not it has been 6 months since we started and launched our  website. For those of you who would like to be abreast of Billion Bricks progress so far, here is a summary through our  latestnewsletter. 

Over the last few months, I have enjoyed contributing to the blog. I  have tried to keep the topics varied, yet centred around shelter, cities and homelessness.  So far, we have had 6 blog posts, including last month's post, written by Nidhi Batra, our guest blogger. We would love to have more guest bloggers and contributors on board ( if interested, please email me : .

We know we have a long way to go, yet we are excited about  our journey so far.  Although Billion bricks is very young, we can not help but be a bit nostalgic. Here we are sharing a  short video of what Anurag Srivastava, our Founder and Founding Trustee had to say on the day we began this journey. 

We are thankful for all your support so far and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. If you have questions or would like to get more updates, please write to us: We would love to hear from you.