A shelter giving program for the
Kerala Extreme Flood Crisis

It's time to come together and help support the people of Kerala. billionBricks team is scheduled to go down and start supporting rebuilding efforts.


The current flood crisis in Kerala, India

More than 1,000,000 Keralites have been displaced due to unprecedented, rains, floods and landslides in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The vigorous southwest monsoon has left a trail of destruction across Kerala, killing at least 300 people so far. The flooding damaged infrastructure of around 10,000 kms or roads and 20,000 houses. The dams were overflowing, and the release of water from dams extensively damaged the districts around Idukki and Ernakulam. There is also flooding in the northern districts of Malapuram, ozhikode, Palakkad and Wyanad. Being hilly regions, they also witnessed severe landslides and road blocks. Around 150,000 people have moved to various camps in the state. Roads have been cut off and with power shutdown, a drinking water crisis is expected. Know more about the crisis here

billionBricks team has submitted a proposal to the Government of Kerala for both immediate and long term shelter support. While, this is a time of big crisis, over long term we are looking at this as an opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure and build future resiliency. 

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USD 85 / SGD 115 / INR 6,000 each

shelterKits comprising of tarps (2), blankets, lungi, rice packet, hammer, nails, rope and solar light. 


USD 300 / SGD 400 / INR 21,000  each

weatherHYDE is the world's only reversible all season tent designed to save the lives of the homeless and vulnerable living in extreme weather. Each tent can provide shelter for a family of five.


powerHYDE LT
USD 9,935 / SGD 13,625 / INR 6,93,500 each

powerHYDE(pH) is a 24 sqm permanent home with prefabricated structure and roof. Its walls, foundation and plinth is made of locally available materials. Each powerHYDE has a toilet, bathroom, water tank and septic tank. powerHYDEs also generate their own solar power and can be used both in off grid or on grid configurations. powerHYDEs are designed with a long term view towards economic development of the users, ensuring access to energy, and reduction in carbon footprint.


billionBricks, the creators of weatherHYDE and powerHYDE, is a one-of-a-kind non-profit innovation studio that uses design as their primary tool to solve one of the most pressing global problems: homelessness. Headquartered in Singapore, a registered charity in India, we have helped over 4,000 homeless across Asia in last 4 years. We believe in extreme transparency of our work and your contribution. See how we track your impact



We value transparency, and have made tracking easy for donors following this 3-step process:



Every donated kit, shelter or home is tagged with a unique code and given to the selected family in need of shelter support.


Codes are matched between the beneficiary families and donors.


Track the location of your impact, and meet the family whom you're helping through our Impact Page.


* In disaster situations, we may not be able to achieve 100% matching. We do our best to match as many families as possible.


Get to know more about billionBricks: visit www.billionbricks.org. Got questions? Write to hello@billionbricks.org