Nepal - May 2015 onwards

In partnership with ArchitectureBRIO

Soon after the earthquake in Nepal in May 2015, there was an urgent need to restore the educational infrastructure. Tens of thousands of school buildings had been damaged, and students had no place to go and study. For more than a month, schools had been closed, and students were losing precious time. Government started to give away free tin sheets for temporary buildings to be built since permanent structures would take a longer time, and require far more resources.        

bB, after its involvement in emergency relief work in Nepal, came up with concepts for primary school buildings. The buildings are designed as modules of two classrooms to fit 24 students each. The building envelope is made from tin sheets provided free, and the structure is proposed in bamboo. To protect  from noise, specially that of rain, tarpaulin sheets were proposed to be hung from eaves, and a bamboo mat false ceiling were proposed. The walls could also be upgraded later with mud plaster for insulation. 

The transitional school cold be completely disassembled when permanent buildings were to be built and all materials reused.