bB is always looking for exceptional individuals aligned to our values - designers, innovators and thinkers who thrive working independently from home, and have the energy for and get excitement from travel. We look for those who are the best at what they do, and are especially motivated to bring out the best in themselves and contribute to our work. 



Fundraising & Corporate Partnership Manager, Part time/ Freelance

We are always open to receiving applications from exceptional individuals who demonstrate genuine motivation to our mission, and alignment to our company values. Get to know our team...

Fellowships & Internships

At bB, we believe in teamwork, and we put time and energy to make our interns feel part of the team. We appreciate good company, loyal friends and creative minds. We value communication skills, may these be written, oral, graphic, video or using any kind of media. 

Do you share the same values? We are looking forward to meeting you!


Have some time to spare, and skills to share? We are currently looking for the following volunteers:

Social Media Content Creator

Community/ Volunteer/ Donor Care Manager



How to apply?

We are a young organisation striving to improve the living standards of homeless people, and we deliver our projects by working hard while enjoying what we are doing. Join our mission by sending us a creative application which includes your written motivation, LinkedIn profile or CV and portfolio (if applicable). Send them over to


Our Values


1 | Mission-driven and working for the homeless

We keep the interests of the homeless as our own, and keep their needs at the center of everything that we do. We recognize the importance of financial sustainability, and we strive to equip ourselves to achieve long-term impact.


2 | Embracing and driving sustainable change

As an innovation studio, it is vital that we continuously adapt, evolve and be future-ready. We are data-driven and open to learning and building sustainable technologies, being cognizant of our own consumption, the effecs of our work, and keeping our environmental footprint at a minimum.

3 | Integrity and Transparency

We value honest and ethical conduct, and believe in the importance of having an open culture of dialogue, respect and criticism to build trust internally, among our partners and with the public. We empower each other’s right to be process-owners and have their own voice. We are non-discriminatory in all our conduct, and treat everyone as equals.

4 | Being processes-oriented and with a human touch

We enjoy working with creativity through chaos, but believe that we must equally enjoy the process of planning and be highly professional and methodical in our work. People are the foundation of all processes and it is important that we express ourselves through our work.

5 | Collaboration and collective growth

We value what each individual brings to the collective quality of our work, and believe that it is only through collaborations that we can achieve our vision. As we continuously adapt to change and our future-readiness, we are constantly open to forging creative relationships, and aligning mutual interests through partnerships.