Sheikh Akbar Ali

Sales Associate

  Åsa Jonsson, Marketing and Research Fellow   Åsa is currently finalizing the last year of her master studies in urbanism and international cooperation at Université Grenoble Alpes in France. After architectural studies in both the US and Sweden, she interned and worked as an architect in Stockholm. Looking for new challenges, she left travelling for one year in South-East Asia and Central America. Being someone that loves to work, she took up a freelance mission in marketing and also volunteered with an organization focused on economic empowerment for women in Guatemala. With billionBricks, focused on innovative shelter solutions for the homeless and most vulnerable communities, she is enjoying new challenges once again, but this time through projects having the potential to change billions of lives.

Åsa Jonsson

weatherHYDE Project Manager

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Yvonne Siow



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Madhura Joshi

Architectural Design Associate


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Prasoon Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO

Full Profile

  Prantik Mazumdar, Strategic Partner for Digital Marketing   Prantik is a Managing Partner at  Happy Marketer , who leads the firm’s Social, Mobile & Display Advertising practice. He specializes in implementing data-driven digital campaigns for marketing, customer service & online reputation management. He conducts corporate trainings to evangelize the digital medium and help clients incorporate digital strategies that align with business objectives.   When not with clients, he can be found either enjoying a game of cricket or chatting about sports, politics or public policy. 

Prantik Mazumdar

Strategic Partner for Digital Marketing

  Robert Verrijt, Studio Director   Robert was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. After being awarded 2nd place at the Dutch Archiprix for his masters thesis in Architecture at the TUDelft, he moved to Sri Lanka where he joined the office of Channa Daswatte, one of Geoffrey Bawa's protégés. His work here included renovations, houses, high end condominiums, boutique resorts and hotels.  In Mumbai he has taught part time at the KRVIA school of Architecture, and the Balwant Sheth School of Architecture.

Robert Verrijt

Studio Director

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Nimisha Saraf


  Sharad Malhoutra, Strategic Partner for Business Strategy   Sharad has over 12 years of global experience in conceiving, evaluating, and executing sustainable business strategies to drive profitable revenue growth, slash operational expenses and capital requirements. He   currently works with EY where he is focused on commercialization of IP and Know- How of Fortune 50 companies. He recently moved to Cincinnati, USA from Singapore to help commercialize Intellectual property for one of the world’s leading consumer product companies.   LinkedIn

Sharad Malhautra

Strategic Partner for Business Strategy

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Vinod Kumar

Site Associate


Trustees & Advisory Board

  Snehal Mantri , Founding Trustee  Snehal is the Director of Marketing at Mantri Developers, Bangalore. She has won numerous awards for her vision, innovation and leadership including Jaycees Honors’ “The Achiever - Outstanding Businesswoman of India” by the Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs.  She enjoys traveling, yoga and spending time with her daughter Priyanka and son Pratik.

Snehal Mantri

Founding Trustee

  David Gensler,  Advisory Board - Operations  David is committed to design that blends creative and strategic considerations to produce innovative solutions. As one of Gensler's CEOs, David is responsible for the firm's operational infrastructure including communications, finance, human resources, risk management, knowledge management and technology.  David studied economics at Dartmouth College, and then earned an MBA at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.   LinkedIn

David Gensler

Advisory Board

  Eren Koon , Advisory Board - Marketing and Digital Media

Eren Koont

Advisory Board

  Hari V. Krishnan , Advisory Board for Human Resources and Organisational Capacity Building  Hari is a seasoned commercial general manager, who has spent the last decade helping offline industries in Asia ‘go digital’. He brings with him over 15 years of industry leadership – accelerating customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and user growth strategies for organisations across Asia Pacific and the United States.   As CEO of PropertyGuru Group, Hari manages the corporate direction and strategy and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Group across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.   Prior to PropertyGuru, Hari worked in leadership positions in companies such as LinkedIn, Fox Interactive Media, Yahoo! and Cisco.

Hari V. Krishnan

Advisory Board

  Kristy Castleton , Advisory Board - Events and Marketing  Kristy designs and produces highly memorable events for brands. She is an entrepreneur, investor, author and founder of brand experience agency, Rebel and Soul. Kristy believes that business can generate good. For every experience Rebel and Soul create, they donate to worthy causes. In the last 3 years,they have designed events for some of the world’s biggest brands, Heineken, DBS, Chanel and Facebook, across 12 countries in Asia Pacific, generating over a quarter of a million impacts for good.

Kristy Castleton

Advisory Board

  Rahul Mehrotra , Urban Planning and Design  Rahul teaches at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University as a Professor of Urban Design and Planning, and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design as well as a member of the steering committee of Harvard’s South Asia Initiative. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture and currently serves on the governing boards of the London School of Economics Cities Programme and the Indian Institute of Human Settlements.

Rahul Mehrotra

Advisory Board




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