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Sustainable Model VillageKonchur, India

Being in one of the most impoverished regions in India, our objective is to develop Konchur into a comprehensive model village covering all aspects of development, and using methods and approaches which can be replicated across the entire state. We aim to provide interventions that create new opportunities for economic activities, upgrade infrastructure, to improve conditions of living, and provide opportunities for further growth and development.


The Health Center in Konchur has been closed and non-operational for the past 6 months, hence villagers have been dependent on private doctors in Wadi found 12 kilometres away, or in the government district hospital in Gulbarga found 46 kilometres away. To fill the gap, an untrained medical practitioner recently set up a shop in the village to provide basic healthcare services. Most village members have been going to him for regular treatment and check-ups to offset the trouble of traveling far distances to more credible facilities.

THE INITIATIVE: Reviving Village Healthcare Services in Konchur, India

After consultations with the panchayat, we are proposing to revive healthcare services in the village following a three-step process. First, we intend to bring in a trained doctor and nurse on a frequency of 2 to 3 days in a week, until such a time we can next station a resident nurse to cater to villagers on a more regular basis. Lastly, we propose to develop potential telephone and web-based health services for specialized consultations.


Support this project by helping us reach a funding target of $5,000 SGD. Any amount would make the difference in helping us reach this target and allowing us to continue our work to develop Konchur Village into a sustainable model village for its district. 

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