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Konchur Project

"It is hard for my age and gender to walk to forests or nearby farms for open defecation in my village. There are thorns and snakes, and it is unhygienic too. There is garbage in these forests. During rains it is very hard and dangerous. Now, we are happy for having toilets near our homes.T he toilets are very clean. It's comfortable for us to use these toilets."

- Chandibhai Jhadhav, Senior Citizen 

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Day & Night Shelter for Boys

"The shelter has been a boon for the children. They have put behind their day-to-day worries of finding night shelter for themselves. Instead, they are now able to focus on their education, and dream about pursuing careers of their choice."

- Zarin Gupta, founding trustee and chairperson of Salaam Baalak Trust

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