We envision a world where no one is homeless, and where everyone has access to opportunities for economic and social upliftment.


We are a one-of-a-kind non-profit innovation studio that uses design as our primary tool to solve one of the most pressing global problems: homelessness. We design and provide shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable that are scalable, sustainable, and able to create opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty. Our approach empowers communities to replicate our solutions on their own, and reduce dependencies on support, creating ownership and pride, and unlocking untapped potential for change.

We operate two design studios, in Singapore and Mumbai, and create high quality women focussed design solutions for the poorest of communities.



billionBricks was started by Prasoon Kumar, who had been an architect for 13 years before quitting his job to helm the organisation full-time as CEO. He noticed the dismal quality of housing designed for the poor in developing countries in the region.

There was a lack of competition for such projects, therefore, there was no demand for accountability and quality.


Anurag Strivastava, CEO of architecture firm Space Matrix, and Snehal Mantri, a property developer in India, later joined Prasoon as the organisation's founding trustees. Anurag, who comes from a humble background understands how the safety of a roof provides a person with the confidence to dream, as well as access to opportunities for economic improvements. 

The trio based billionBricks in Singapore because of its status as a design and innovation hub, and proximity to funders. The location was also ideal to manage its regional projects that are today in India, Cambodia, India, Malaysia and Nepal.


This is bB's first video used during its launch evening on 17th October 2013. Anurag, bB's founder talks about his inspiration and the vision for bB.